1925 Waco Nine

1925 Waco Nine NC1536 serial number 9

The Waco Nine is a tube and fabric constructed  three-seat open cockpit bi-plane built by the Advanced Aircraft Company.   The Waco Nine was the First mass-produced model with about 270 aircraft produced between 1925 and 1926.  The Waco Nine holds the Type Certificate number ATC11,  and is licensed as a Standard Category aircraft.    All the Waco Nine models were powered by the water cooled, Curtiss OX-5  90 HP engine turning 1,400 RPM.

Recently purchased NC1536 was built in 1925 and is serial number 9 off the line of about 270 built.     In 2000, Frank Pavliga started what turned out to be a 14 year restoration of this magnificent piece of American History.   Forrest Barber made the first flight on  Friday,  April 13, 2012.  Here is a video that captures the emotions of Frank on that first flight…..


The aircraft restoration is considered by most that have seen it to be a perfect “10”    Frank made every effort to keep the aircraft 100% original down to the steerable tailskid and no brakes!     There are estimated to be 10-15 Waco Nine airframes scattered around including several in museums, but it is believe that this is the only flyable example remaining….. 

Waco Nine Aircraft Specifications:
1 Pilot / 2 Passengers
Length:  23 ft 4 in
Wingspan: 29 ft 6 in
Maximum Speed: 92 mph
Crusie Speed: About 65 mph
Stall Speed:  32 mph
Range: About 300 Miles





Scott Glover
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