The Bell 47

The Bell 47 is a two bladed single engine helicopter designed by Arthur M. Young.     The Bell 47 was the very first helicopter to receive a type certificate for civilian use which was obtained on March 8, 1946.     There were many variants of the Bell 47, and in total,  more than 5,600 47 models were built including those built under license.          As of 2015 there are still 1,209  Bell 47’s on the US registry, and maybe ½ of those are flyable helicopters. 

On July 12, 1957 Dwight D Eisenhower became the first US president to ride in a Helicopter.    The helicopter chosen was a Bell 47 J variant classified as a UH-13-J. 

The Bell 47 G Model operated by Mid America Flight museum was built in 1963  (N6356X) and is powered by a normally aspirated Franklin 210 HP engine spinning two Wooden rotor blades.

Bell 47G Specifications

Rotor Diameter 35.13 feet
Length: 21.21 feet
Height: 9.17 feet
Gross Weight 2,350 lbs
Cruise Speed: 78 MPH
Service Ceiling: 11,000 feet
Usable Fuel 38 gallons
Range 150 miles +/-



Scott Glover
Mid America Flight Museum